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So you already know the answer to, is QuiBids Legitimate or another penny auction scam. Save your money keep your account save and away from these sleazy people. The site however requires a bit of skill and expertise in order to succeed at the auction which can be assisted by intelligent software such as Bid-Ninja. Let’s find out in this review. We haven’t found any evidence that suggest Quidbid is a scam. Save your money and look at all the negative reviews-these guys are spammers and scammers. No response from my email to you, when I sent an email requesting a full refund. Here is an excerpt from a Federal Trade Commission article about penny auctions in general. But is this legit or a scam. Is QuiBids a scam, are often the ones that have lost an auction at some point or another and have lost money because they didn’t know how it worked. First of all the bids on Quibids cost 60 cents each so if you buy bids make sure you win something. The answer is no Quibids is not a scam.

Quibids a penny auction site that you win cheap items. Some of the items are Ipads and Mac books. They pretend to have a video to play to learn the process but the video doesn’t play. QuiBids appears to some people to be a scam, but QuiBids is not a scam. How quibids Can Claim It’s Not a Gambling Website Since the company gives its members the option to buy at full price for all items (less the cost of bids) it can effectively keep away from being labeled a …. Everyone has to pay to bid, and you don’t get that money back if …. The problem with people new to Quibids is they see the TV ads and expect big ticket items for pennies on the dollar. Entire process from start to finish is a scam. While this is true that some sites did (and do) do this, Quibids has been investigated for this and was found to be not doing this. That being said, you should still know what you are getting into. Beware when going to quibids,com they will track your cookies on computer and send you spam very hard to remove. Find complaints and reviews about quibids.com: tricks you into paying more $$$. We strongly advise our members to read and understand all of the information provided on our website prior to becoming involved with the process.

Qbids is a scam-received an email for these scam artist from the same source as male enhancements and overseas dating. They promote the bid process first with no explanation of the process. They hide the ways to learn anything about the process. They encourage you try it out anyway. The way it generates revenues (or pure profits, rather) is actually very brilliant. If you do the math they can sell a product for, conservatively speak, greater than 3 times its retail price at a store in a totally legal way. The whole penny auction scene is ripe with misunderstanding, naturally confusing to most people, and somewhat misleading to a lot of people. What is quibids? Quibids is based in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma and was started in 2009 as a way to make online auction more reliable and exciting. Quibids is a fast pace auction site where when someone places a bid on an object, another person is given a maximum …. They do the most advertising out of all sites and honestly are one of the better penny auction sites. Quibids define “retail” and let’s just say it AIN’T close or competitive with ebay or amazon or any other retailer. That said, I do not believe that QuiBids is a scam. They are a legit business who simply doesn’t explain much about anything. If you are going to try their operation, I highly suggest you …. Attracting consumers to their penny auction site, QuiBids delivers an enticing platform amongst a competitive niche. QuiBids is a scam because it has hidden or misleading rules and practices that take advantage of the fact that their users don’t have full knowledge or awareness of its practices when they participate. Others might think it’s a scam because they simply don’t know what the penny auction giant really does. Total scams with this charge: 922 votes, and 634 voted that it is a fraud CHARGE. While it may appear that there is a “QuiBids scam” to someone who is used to online auction sites such as eBay, QuiBids is an entertainment auction site, and should be used as such. There are quite a few “Penny Auctions” out there. If you’re familiar with eBay, you bid on an item as you please, and if your bid isn’t the winning bid, you’ve lost nothing but time.no money. with Quibids, you must buy a “package” of bids. There have been many complaints since QuiBids launched and some reviews claiming they are a scam. In 2015, they launched a Locked Auction Feature to try to improve their users chances of winning. This is still a new feature and many are testing it out. But going back to the other guys, when you think about it, there’s really no other way to do it that makes good business sense until you have sufficient traffic on-site. QuiBids is an auction site that allows you to save money by letting you buy items at a discount. Yes, this is possible, but from our experience, is high unlikely. QuiBids is a fun, exciting, and competitive place, but do be careful not to go broke to competitive bidders. Money taken out of my account. Non activated 50. Home Depot card that I …. Problem is: so are hundreds of others, AND that’s the beauty of quibids for its owners. Quibids is definitely not a scam. It is the most reputable penny auction site of all of them. I personally have won so many auctions there easily totally over or 4 thousand dollars (I’ve never added it up). Mar 12, 2017- Explore tripler5064ifw’s board “Is QuiBids A Scam. See more ideas about Learn swedish, Peoples actions and Learn dutch. Most people think that Quibids is a scam but it is not.100% garneted that it is not a scam. QuiBids is a great site for those looking to get some great deals on products without breaking their banks. Penny auctions might be a fun way to try to get big ticket items at reduced prices. Quibids will also scam you they have robots to place bids for them. QuiBids is an auction site, but it may not be as great a deal as it seems, and many consumers are worried it’s a scam. The standard rate for bids is 60 cents per bid. Your initial sign up with Quibids will charge you $48 for 80 bids ( more on this charge below as it …. It is one of the fastest growing and most popular penny auction sites on the internet and you do not become one of the most popular penny auction sites by cheating or scamming your customers. Quibids is a scam you will be charged as soon as you sign up. When you ask for a refund the assure you that you will get the refund but they cant produce a confirmation number. I would advise you to just stick with other sites. I believe that quibids is a scam because most people are dumb enough to use the site but in all honesty, I’ve been on the site and I suggest that you dont try and buy anything because they could be …. Quibids Review is It a Scam Penny Auctions my personal opinion is don’t get involved with them unless you have at least 75% of the retail price of the product you are seeking to purchase. Another thing is before you get into a website like Quibids.com make sure you READ the terms and conditions and also understand what you are getting yourself into.

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