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Does Billshark Work
BillShark Review: How Much Money Can It Really Save You?

Companies do all kinds of funny things to trick you out of your money. BillFixers BillFixers and Billshark are both bill negotiation companies that lower your monthly bills. You only pay if Billshark can save you money, so take a few minutes to sign up today. According to Billshark, the average customer who gives them two bills. Making a series of consistent payments, for example, is a great negotiating tool for lowering your rates. What is Billshark? Billshark helps people by negotiating for lower recurring bills. These founders know the pricing tactics used by big companies. I used BillShark through the TrueBill app to see if they could lower my AT&T bill. Billshark is good at it too. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it’s like to work at BILLSHARK, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. I pay BILLSHARK just under $200 and I save $240 annually (in my case). Trim has the lowest cost at 33% of your annual savings compared to 40% for both Truebill and Billshark.

Plus, get $5 from Stackin’ Rewards when you use Billshark. Learn about their Certification, employee experience & more. Customers only incur feesif BILLSHARK saves them money. If they don’t save you money, they don’t get paid. On bills we demoed, that meant the BillFixers cost was a better deal. BILLSHARK has saved me $480 on my Sprint bill. I was initially happy that there was a $265/yr reduction and was happy to fork over their cut ($106). Billshark was founded in 2015 by Steve McKean, a marketing and technology entrepreneur with 20 years of experience running successful companies. All you have to do is send these bills through BillShark and they will go about. BILLSHARK negotiates Wireless, Pay-TV, Wireless and other recurring bills for consumers and small businesses.

Does Billshark Work
BillShark Review 2019: Is it Legit, Reliable or a Scam?

Here’s How It Works Bills We Negotiate Our sharks have an 85% success rate negotiating bills for Cable TV, Wireless Phone, Satellite TV, Internet Access, Satellite Radio, and Home Security. Overview BillShark is a company that has dedicated themselves to bill reduction. They will take over the control of your satellite Tv, Cable TV and Internet,Wireless Phone, Satellite Radio,Internet Access and Home Security Services. BillShark Review Summary If you don’t have the time or desire to negotiate your bills but are looking for an easy and affordable way to save on them, BillShark may meet your needs. We negotiate recurring monthly bills such as Cable TV, Internet, Wireless and Security. We help you fight the man. From there, BillShark’s “sharks” do the work for you, searching for deals and sending you back the savings they found. You don’t need to lift a finger — well, not more than the fingers it takes to send the pictures. Prospective customers should be aware that once they submit their bills to this website, considers their services as being contracted and will begin to work on your case immediately. Another issue that customers had was the high cost of this service, at being 40% of savings. Billshark will negotiate with your current providers to lower your bills. They can work with your cable, wireless phone, satellite TV and radio, internet, and home security providers. They have an 85% success rate. Their highly skilled negotiators, “Sharks”, work hard to help save you hundreds of dollars every year and lower your monthly bills. That’s why our Sharks work so hard to get you results.. Presence of a third party trademark does not mean that BILLSHARK has any relationship with that third party or that the third party endorses BILLSHARK or its services. Download your Internet, Wireless, CableTV and Home Security Bills. Yes! 90% of employees at BILLSHARK say it’s a great place to work. Does Your Company Belong in …. With just two minutes of effort, customers can save 25% on their bills. I was skeptical at what Billshark was claiming they could do, but it ended up working and saving us a lot of money. On average, customers save $300-$500 per bill. BILLSHARK is the easiest way to lower your bills. LOWER MY BILLS We will negotiate with your wireless, Internet, home security, satellite TV and satellite radio providers to save you as …. However, this does not automatically mean that they will reduce your bill for you. Sometimes they cannot do anything to help you. If you lower your bills, you must access a 40% fee. We look at BillFixers and BillShark comparisons, considering things like BillShark Price and BillFixers reviews to determine the best bill …. This is the BILLSHARK company profile. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at BILLSHARK. Now they can use that knowledge to help level the playing field. The Billsharks are dedicated to helping you save money. It was only later, on a business trip, where I realized that they had realized this savings by eliminating the personal hotspot feature from my plan, which is critical for my work. Billshark saves its average customer $285 per year. Terms & Conditions. 01. How does it work? Stackin’ gets paid when you sign up for partner offers so we think you should as well! 02. BillShark cost is lower than BillFixers on first glance but for after taking 2 year contracts and cell savings into account, the BillShark cost was more expensive. They had results for us the next day. BILLSHARK ended up saving us $135 after their commission fees. The 50% commission is a little high in my opinion. I would be more comfortable with 20% given the amount of work required to negotiate with service providers. The crazy part is that I probably call Sprint at least 8-10 times a year to try to get my bill lower personally. Somehow, BILLSHARK worked their magic and I reap the benefits. Three things I am very thankful for for my first experience. All three services will negotiate with certain providers. Beware this company they do not really save you money and they charge you for 2 years of savings when they negotiate for you and ask 40% up front you never know how much you will save if in two years they save you 1000% (around 45% off a monthly bill) that could mean owing them 400% also they don’t tell you what the cost could be up front. Billshark is a consumer savings service that negotiates better rates on your behalf for subscription-based services like cable television, monthly mobile phone plans, and other assorted bills.

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