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Get Paid To Write Articles: 20 Websites That Pay You For

But you’re not going to find them on Craiglist or low-rate content mills that pay pennies per word, or worse. The American Conservative. 2. The Atlantic. 3. New Statesman. 4. 5. The National Review. 6. Slate. 7. The Sun. 8. Washington Monthly. 9. Tablet. 10. Vox First Person. 11. Liberal America. 12. PoliZette. 13. New. Food Detectives – You will get paid to write informative articles about cooking, cooking courses, cooking products, healthy recipes, nutrition tips, entertaining menus, fitness guides, and other related topics. Writers Weekly – Writers Weekly focuses on ways to make money through writing related to corporate communication or writing for markets, etc. That means popular WordPress blogs, magazines, and journals remain hungry for quality content writing — and many are willing to pay for it too. Whether as a freelancer or self-employed, it’s your call. Up To £30 Per Survey · Free £1 Cash Bonus. The Travel Writer’s Life – Write about getting paid to travel (writing, photography, tours, etc.). Pay: Up to $200 Note that this site doesn’t publish straight-up travel narratives. Sporteology – Earn $7 for 1,000-word sports-related list. Browse the topics and chose the. If you are a good reader and learner, who has the habit of reading regular books.

Get Paid For Writing Articles
30 Genuine Websites that Will Pay You to Write, Instantly

You get paid from around $15-50 for every article. AdUpgrade Your Content Game with Professional and Brilliant Article Services. At each class you will bring in extracts of your work. Magazine contributors can make anywhere from $0.10 to $2 per word. If you make $0.50 per word for a 500-word article, that’s $250. The Best Resources · Always Facts · Unlimited Access · Privacy Friendly. Good News Network · Latest News · Internet Information · Breaking News. Skip those gigs, and move on to sites that pay better rates. For more information read full disclosure. Over 40 London Locations · Evening, Weekend, Weekday. Every day, they put a list of topics that they need articles for on their famous “The Heckle Workshop” page.

AdPick a Freelance Professional & Get Your Unique Article Written Today on Fiverr! All you need to do is write a unique write of about 500 words and share with them, if your writer is approved then you are ready to get paid. Asano Creative We itself an article writing program member. If you are good at writing articles related to SEO and Make Money related then …. List Verse – Write a list of at least 10 items and get paid $100 if it’s accepted. Cracked – Get paid to write list-style feature articles. Wonder List – Write a list of at least ten things. Find Related Articles on Visymo Search. AdDesigned to Motivate, Nurture & Challenge. Hone Your Idea, Characters & Plot. Search the Best Results right away. Or, you can write as a freelancer. Pay is between $75 and $160 depending on the article. If your dream is to get paid to write articles at home, ignore the naysayers …. Get Paid to Write: 26 Sites That Pay Freelancers $100+. And even a large number of job boards that promise well-paying writing gigs turn out to only have gigs that pay enough per assignment to fill your gas tank. Posted by: Editor — Comments Off on Get Paid to Write: 15 Political Writing Markets for Freelancers Want to get to paid to write about politics. Maybe you’re one of those news junkies who follows government trends, key political players, or the issues and policies that have an …. Make money with article writing at Textbroker. Flexible time management: Write as much or as little as you would like on your own time. Weekly payoff: You are paid for your articles immediately upon acceptance by the client. Once you have earned €10 or more, you can request a payoff each week. AdEasy Money from Home, Try It Now. Take Paid Surveys & Earn Cash. Over £2,105,719 Paid To Our Members. Read, Emails, Take, Surveys, Play, Games. AdWrite & Print your Will in Minutes. You have checked that our service gives you what you want in your Will, you have. AdSearch for Get Paid For Writing Articles. Your input helps us improve for the millions of people who use us every day. So if you want to get good clients and get paid to write articles online, start by building that diverse portfolio. Every time you write an article you get paid from $50- $150, However they are temporarily suspended and will be back soon. Join Strong Whispers CollegeHumor CollegeHumor is the best network since years where you get paid for sharing entertainment and humour articles. They accept queries related to the topics before you write an article. If accepted, they pay $60 for a 600-word article via PayPal. This post may contain affiliate links. You can write opinion-based pieces or share your experiences and expertise via short articles and still get paid pretty well. Submit your Article. Get Paid. Step 1: Send us your best topic and outline for an article that you would like to write along with your fee expectation. Topics need to be unique and high impact. We also ask that you send us your current blog URL or a URL to published work so we can understand your writing style. Get Paid to Write: 15 Political Writing Markets for Freelancers 1. As a writer, you have an in-demand talent that can be used to earn you TONS of money online. We can also work with you to develop a custom job search plan to help you figure out what are get paid for writing articles the best companies to apply to and what is not working for you. AdCheck Get paid for creative writing on Find Get Paid For Creative Writing here.

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