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How to upload a podcast to iTunes and Apple Podcasts

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  4. How to Add Your Podcast to iTunes – dummies
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You can add podcasts to your iTunes library by subscribing to them in the iTunes Store or by subscribing to them directly from Web sites that host them. We will take your hand and guide you on how to upload podcast on iTunes. This will give you a summary screen. You never upload podcast files to iTunes, or Spotify, or any other directory; You never upload podcast files to your own website; On the second point, it is possible, but here’s why you shouldn’t upload podcast files to your own site. Then every time you upload a new episode, your feed is automatically updated – and iTunes. In that case, what DO you do. Click the “Export to PC” option and choose the “Export to iTunes” to upload podcasts to iTunes library. You don’t actually upload your podcast episode files to iTunes. Step 3 Add podcasts to iTunes. Test the RSS Feed and submit your podcast to Apple. It’s easy to add podcasts to iTunes.

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Despite the choice, there’s one place that stands out above all others. If everything is correct, you submit the information and you are done. Submit your podcast to the iTunes Store podcast directorySign in to iTunes Podcasts Connect.Click the at the top left of the iTunes Connect dashboard.Enter your RSS feed into the provided text box and then click the “Validate” button.A Feed Preview will load if you do not have any validation errors. I am using iTunes 12.5 on Windows 10 with an iPhone 5s. Because of the overwhelming popularity of Apple’s iTunes software as the main podcast viewer, you absolutely must submit your podcast to its service — unless, for some reason, you don’t want people to find your podcast. Once you’ve setup your show in Whooshkaa, submitting it to Apple Podcasts is straight forward. AdFollow this 4-step guide to learn how to upload a podcast to popular directories & apps. Common Myths · Easy To Follow · Step-By-Step · Exclusive Offers. In fact, Apple’s podcast app accounts for about 65% of all podcast listening. Every time you upload and publish a new episode to your host, the RSS feed also gets updated. This isn’t something hard to do you know. And what most people do not know is that it is free of charge. Similar to a tape of a radio broadcast, you can save and play a podcast at your convenience — both […]. Go to your SoundCloud settings, choose “Content”, and grab your RSS feed address. Soundcloud is the easiest place in the world to upload your podcast to. Submitting to iTunes is easy when you host on Podbean. On the Libsyn website, go to ‘Settings > Edit Show Settings’, and enter all the relevant information about your podcast. Also,….

For people with iPods, podcasts are a popular way to get news or stay current with their favorite artists. What really happens is that you show iTunes where your podcast files are located in the form of an RSS feed. It’s quick and easy too, even for the raw novice, once you. Before you submit your podcast to iTunes, you …. I recommend all podcasters upload their podcast to Soundcloud because it will make it easy to get your podcast onto iTunes (you cannot upload directly to. Learn the common myths and mistakes people make when submitting as well. How to Upload Podcast to iTunes from SoundCloud. With all of the above settings completed, you are ready to launch your podcast to the iTunes store. Note: You should burn your feed using FeedBurner. This way, if you change your podcast hosting from SoundCloud. Are you good at making podcasts and want to share them with the world, but can’t figure out how. If you have an iTunes account, then this is possible. Anyone with an iTunes account can easily. Here’s what: Upload your podcast files to a podcast …. Step-By-Step · Easy To Follow · Exclusive Offers · Common Myths. It can be produced by virtually anyone with little outlay and only very basic knowledge of IT. If you want to publish a podcast, Apple’s iTunes is one of the best place for you. To publish a podcast on iTunes is very easy, and takes less time to get it up and running. Here is how you can do this: Steps on How to Publish Podcast to iTunes. Quick and Easy “How to Submit a Podcast to iTunes” Checklist. Once you have added all the podcasts to your blog and associated them with the “podcast” label, your RSS feed is nearly ready though we need to add some extra iTunes-specific information to this feed like your podcast category, location of …. AdFollow this easy 4-step guide to learn how to upload a podcast to popular directories. It will sync multiple podcasts to iTunes at one time with multi-thread technology. Moreover, it uses physical connection to upload podcasts and speed up the process. As a professional iPhone to Computer Transfer program, this recommended tool is not only enables users to transfer podcast from iPhone to PC with one click, but also support users to export many other files like photos, movies, TV shows, etc. To make you understand how to transfer podcast from iPhone to iTunes with. To get a podcast on iTunes, please follow these simple steps: 1. … Continue reading How to Get My Podcast on iTunes. Sometimes I download hour-long.mp3 files that I want to put onto my iPhone as podcasts, so that it automatically remembers where I am in my listening if I have to stop in the middle. Here’s a quick guide on submitting your Libsyn feed to iTunes and Stitcher. 1. Setup Your Show on Libsyn In order to generate a valid feed, you first need to setup your show on Libsyn. If the podcast was downloaded from iTunes, you can transfer them by following the steps in the article below. AdFollow this easy 4-step guide to learn how to upload a podcast to the top directories. Your podcast will need to be saved in a format that is supported by iTunes. Those formats include.m4a,.mp3,.m4v,.mp4,.epub, or.pdf. If the podcast is not in one of these formats, you will need to convert it before uploading to. If you are into Podcasting, one of the best thing that will happen to you is to be able to upload or submit your podcast on iTunes Apple podcast. Let us clear something out of the way. Apple Podcasts (AKA iTunes) is where the majority of podcasts are found and heard. How to submit your show to Apple Podcasts 1. Now that you have all the details for iTunes set up, you go into the iTunes software, into the store, into the podcast section and submit your podcast to iTunes. Instead of submitting an RSS Feed address through the iTunes application, podcasters will now use iTunes …. Your podcast artwork is the first thing your audience will see, so be sure that it’s enticing and unique. Read our suggestions here for making great podcast cover art. This is how Podcasts are listed on the iTunes app.

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