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The website states that they pay out on average $1000 per day to their users. 12) GSN. Paid Gam e Player is a site that offers online games to earn cash and prizes. If it doesn’t work then you have to go in and fix it so that it does. The site says they pay out $1,000 in cash prizes on an average day. You will be part of a testing cycle and write reports on your findings of glitches within a title before the release. For the serious gamers out there, being a professional game tester might sound like a dream job. If you want to get paid to play games, but prefer video games on consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation, then game …. Check out 1000+ Results from Across the Web. You can get paid up to $200 to Test Games. Payments are made seven days after the interview and payments are distributed via direct deposit or PayPal. You need to pass a test before you become a game tester mandatorily. Video games are vigorously tested before they are released, and testers are expected to …. To do this, you might require a bit of entrepreneurial drive, but you get paid to play video games online. You can expect anywhere from $10 per hour to …. AdWelcome to Find Play Online Games For Money Today! Huge Selection · No Deposit · Interactive Learning · Play Online. EazeGames, one of Europe’s first competitive gaming platforms where players can. You get paid $10 for every 20-minute test that you take.

Erli Bird pays you about $10 per test or more to try out new apps, websites, and hardware. Beta testing games is different from playing video games for fun. I played first game when I was 4 as my dad bought me console but now I want to be only game tester but being honest no one supports me in this i play 20to18hrs a day online different games almost all new old game I want to apply for game tester job how can I do it IDC about how much they paid am happy with small amount because that way i can do what i love. If you ask me, I prefer to test apps in …. Your game tester salary will depend on your education, experience level, and skills. Many video game companies are willing to pay you cas. They pay you via PayPal and you will be required to test both websites and apps. Computer games testers play computer games to check they work, and find and record problems or ‘bugs’. Analysia – Test takes around 15 minutes to complete. How to Get Paid to Beta Test Games. Would you like to know how to get paid to test games. The same study found that testers with over three years of experience average roughly $48,426 a year. Receive New and Unreleased Games to test or review (You can keep them or sell them later on!) Get New Products to test and review such as Game consoles, memory cards, controllers etc. Try new games, gaming consoles, controllers or other products. Huge Selection · No Deposit · No Downloads. A Game Tester’s job is to test the latest games for bugs and glitches before they’re released. According to their website, you can earn $25 for a 30-minute test, and $50 for a 60-minute interview.

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  • How to Get Paid to Test Video Games Career Trend

You need to be 18 years of age or older. However, the responsibilities involved are far more complex than just getting paid to sit on a couch and play games all day. You can get paid hourly or an annual salary. Either way, the pay rate varies based on a few factors like the game company hiring you, your experience, geographical location and so on. Check out essential info on Yes, you are right we are talking about Real Money Earning Games. AdFind Play Online Games For Money if you are Looking Now. AdSearch for Play Online Games For Money with us. This is also a get paid to website in that you can sign up for offers and get rewards. You can earn anywhere up to $8 per day and you can also enter daily sweepstakes. Game testers are hired to play games, and “test” them. Usually, a game tester will need to provide feedback on and check for things, like the overall quality of the game and any bugs and glitches in the game. Download our guide today and we show you how you can get paid up to $100 an hour play testing computer and video games. Many video game companies are willing to pay you money to help you identify game bugs and they pay very well. If you are a gaming addict, why not play your favourite games for free and get paid at the …. They are open to people internationally meaning Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, Middle East India, Latin America, The Caribbean, US, Canada and Greenland. Free tester slots for today: 4 Your Country Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Bosnia & Herzegowina Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile Croatia Denmark Egypt Finland France Germany Greece India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Lithuania Malaysia Mexico Netherlands Norway Pakistan Philippines Portugal Romania Serbia Singapore Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Turkey United Kingdom United States Other. Computer games tester Alternative titles for this job include Games tester, quality assurance tester, video games tester. You should be a Games Tester…. This involves repeating the same level for hours or even days at a time, playing out every possible scenario and ensuring that all eventualities …. You can get paid to take online surveys and make from $5 to $75 each, or more; You can get paid to participate in focus groups and make up to $150. You can get paid to try new Games, Gaming Consoles, Controllers or other products and keep the free products too! AdFind Play Online Games For Money. Others test the game for compatibility on a particular device or operating system configuration. If you get selected to be a game tester, you can earn anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour. That is not bad pay, especially since it is a part-time job. 25. When you first sign up, just for the first five days you can get free tokens by viewing ads from their sponsors. Developers hire beta game testers to discover bugs within a game. Often a beta game tester …. Paid to Play Games Online gaming company creates free sites that allow you to join and play games online. You can earn money from these sites by playing games, enter drawings, complete offers, and …. Video Game Tester Jobs Get Paid to Play Games. Get Invited to game conferences, launches, exhibits and. This involves repeating the same level for hours or even days at a time, playing out every possible scenario and ensuring that all eventualities have been experienced before the game goes live. Search the Best Results right away. Take online surveys and make from $5 to $75 per survey (sometimes more!) Participate in focus groups and make up to $150 an hour. There is a piece of work associated with it before you get paid to play games. Choose your best time to test apps and get paid, work at any time. Video game tester jobs is going to be a global sensation due to eSPORTS. You can play trial games for points. The points are entered into a drawing for prizes from the site. One industry that is fast growing and providing opportunity of making real cash to a lot of people is the gaming industry. If you know a lot about gaming and you are looking for real ways to make money at home from it, then this article is for you. According to the Gamasutra Salary Survey of 2014, the online publication for Game Developer Magazine, the average salary for testers is about $54,833 annually. You are paid $5 per test via PayPal. TryMyUI – Tests takes around 15-20 minutes to complete. Userlytics – Both webcam and microphone are required to complete test.

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