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Ideally: Cashiers will be hired and have at least two or three days of the processing for coming into the job ( my mind just completely blanked on the word I want. ). After that it is usually about a week for CBLs and there are now ne. Being forced to talk to people has helped me grow a. And although I am super sore at the end of the day, I actually like dealing with 90% of the customers I interact with. They would be just as rude to anyone else that was standing where you are. Show them that you are afraid – sure – but you aren’t going. Why do you want to be a cashier? Jul 13, 2012 4K views. 107 comments. As I got in line at the express register at my local Walmart, I didn’t notice that her light was off. Walmart was the largest retailer and second largest company in the world in 2012, according to CNN Money. Before the interview, also be sure to review the job listing to make sure you have a sense of the top cashier skills required for the job. And then when I was 15 years old, I got a real job working as a cashier at Market Basket. I don’t know how it is at a regular Walmart.

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What is it like being a cashier at walmart? : walmart – reddit

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I don’t know WHAT the mistake I made was – maybe I gave too much cash on a debit cashback, or maybe miscounted, hell maybe some of my big bills fell out of my till. Duties for a cashier at Walmart include greeting customers, checking out customers while standing for long periods of time, keeping your area clean, answering any of the customer’s questions, and being able to help other Walmart Associates as needed. The Walmart cashier has the responsibility for overseeing the various financial and accounting aspects of the sales outlet. It was the longest year of my life. Do you think if I speed up my bagging, my IPH will go up higher. I’m getting the hang of a lot of things but there’s still protocol and register commands I don’t know. I guess the cashier didn’t notice me at first, but when she did, it was the most unpleasant experience I ever had. A Reddit user who said he was a Walmart employee in 2017 described receiving a tip from a shopper around the holiday season. I don’t think I’m slow, but I bag the items pretty cautiously and I’m assuming that’s what is slowing my IPH down. Also, I never have to take my work home with me. It was NOT as easy as Barbie made it seem. It goes without saying that you should always show up on time to your shifts, but there are a few more tips you can follow to be an above-average cashier. Senior Management. Walmart Cashier in Fort Myers, FL. Walmart wasn’t an easy job all the time but being a a cashier was pretty slow at times I wasn’t a fan of some of the CSM most of them were only a year or two older than …. Walmart employees can’t accept tips, as per the store’s official policy. What Does a Walmart Cashier Do. The cashier may need to decide if a refund should be given, ascertain whether goods are fit for sale or predict potential problems. This quality is especially important if there. When I was an Assistant Manager I spent a year overnight.

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Just started recently and shadowed a few people briefly before being thrown into the thick of things. I’m not even a cashier anymore and I get pulled up there all the time because they absolutely need people. But for hours, usually around 8-9 and definitely by 10 we’ll. However, there are some “gems” I commonly deal with that I am advising you not to act like. Then again they both like me and think highly of me ( or so the say) so looks like I’m stuck being that cranky robotic cashier till they decided to train me on the service desk or I can find my way to L&G. His/her job description usually entails handling of cash register, ringing up sales, and processing of payments. It also involves applying discount. Iv been with Walmart for 11days short of six months been asking for that Dept transfer for the last 2weeks and have been getting the go jump off a cliff look from my z and ASM. Work/Life Balance. Culture & Values. Career Opportunities. Doesn’t Recommend. Positive Outlook. No opinion of CEO. I worked at Walmart for more than 5 years. Pros. They worked with my school schedule as a …. Walmart Cashiers work for the large retail corporation and handle various customer service aspects. Typical activities seen on a Walmart Cashier example resume are processing payments, applying discounts, scanning items, maintaining cash registers, handling returns, answering to customer inquiries, and implementing store policies. One thing you need to remember is that these people aren’t being rude to YOU, they are being rude to the cashier at Walmart (and most likely to anyone else in earshot). It may be hard, but try not to take it personally. Their cashiers stay extremely busy helping customers purchase groceries, clothes, home appliances, sporting goods, toys and many other products. …. Cashier/Sales Associate (Former Employee) – Manassas Virginia – October 12, 2019 I loved working at this Walmart (Manassas Virginia) my team was very nice to work with. They were very compassionate and understanding to my circumstances because I was pregnant and I also was in a car accident, everyone one was helpful and considerate to me My supervisor was understanding. The people I work with are awesome, and we have fun when the store isn’t busy – come to any Wal*Mart around 10pm and you’ll see. I show up, make people pay for stuff, and leave. So feel free to stop asking every cashier if they’re in school or working at another job. Be prepared to answer questions about those skills. While every job is different, most companies want cashiers who have strong customer service skills, as well as candidates who possess skills like basic accounting, computer literacy, and familiarity with. Hannah knows more about being a cashier than almost anyone. She has honed her craft over the last two years at various local businesses in Berkeley, CA. She says there are a few reasons why being a cashier is awesome: 1. Gain confidence “When I first moved here, I was really shy and awkward. I was doing good until last week, for some FREAK reason my register was $150 short and I got written up. The bottom line is, what tips can you suggest for being accurate and. That’s according to a recent Bloomberg report, which reveals that the retail giant is getting rid of “Mobile Scan & Go. I told her she didn’t need to get rude with me and that her lane …. Say what you will, but this post is about the cool tech that I discovered Walmart uses, and I am here to report to you guys, as a tech community, as to what most people do NOT know about Walmart. Its in the 300’s and they’d like it in the 400-500 range. Working overnight is difficult for most people. If you’ve never done it before, you will be surprised by how much it changes your life. Here is where things took a turn for the worst. I guess you can compare my experience to Squidward.

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