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In this article, I give my opinion based on the guidelines established by the United States Federal Trade Commission regarding MLMs and pyramid schemes. The company still stands with its products but as you would expect, not many people would buy a pancake mix for $13 when they can buy one for $2. A reader asked if Young Living Essential Oils is a pyramid scheme. The short and quick answer to this question is – No, it is not a pyramid scheme. But most MLM companies have based their business model on recruitment and they motivate their representatives with well thought-out compensation plans to earn money through recruitment, despite some borders with the pyramid scheme or the Ponzi scheme as we will see with Young Living. In truth, Young Living is nothing more than a cult-like organization falsely peddling the ever-elusive promise of financial success and an alternative lifestyle. Young Living is a legit MLM company with decent essential oil products, just like doTERRA. I can see a bunch of Young Living distributors going nuts over this statement, claiming that this is a ‘ direct selling ‘ company, blah. His company has significantly grown since then, reaching over a billion in sales in 2015. The story alleged in this complaint is familiar: a pyramid selling scheme, promising riches, but with the ultimate wealth going to those at the top of the pyramid. Look at the picture below: This is what it looks like when you join a MLM and what it looks like when you join Young Living. Their products offer proven health benefits that will be enjoyed by many health conscious consumers. What Is The Young Living Business Opportunity. Class action alleging that Young Living Essential Oils operates as an illegal pyramid scheme. It operates by recruiting ‘distributors’ who buy the products at a wholesale price.

Is Young Living A Pyramid Scheme? Essential Things To Know

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Is Young Living A Pyramid Scheme
Is Young Living Essential Oils a Pyramid Scheme?

Young Living is a health and wellness MLM company that sells essential oils. Young Living offers numerous essential oils for various semi-medicinal purposes. However, MLMs share lots of qualities with pyramid schemes so it can be difficult to tell the difference. This is due to the pyramid structure. Some people may be turned off by direct sales companies, or MLMs. I find that people who have issues with direct sales companies have typically had a bad experience with one in the past. As you recruit new members, and then they recruit new members, the pyramid grows and you end up closer towards the top. In our review, we will give you the latest legal information, in order to know if Young Living is a scam.Surprises are to come. During the time I am writing this Young Living review, I found no substantial evidence that there is indeed a Young Living scam going on. Young Living has three types of members, Retail, Wholesale Distributor, and Professional. A recent class action lawsuit claims that Young Living Essential Oils is a “cult-like” pyramid scheme that makes false claims regarding its business model. You will find out in this Young Living Essential Oils review if the business is an MLM, a pyramid scheme or a total scam. A company can add fillers and synthetic compounds to essential oil but then add only 5-15% of real essential oils and it can “still be labeled pure” as long as the percentage of essential oil put in is in a pure form.

Young Living Lawsuit Claims It s a Cult-Like Pyramid

They earn money because new members have to purchase Starter Packs to get started and they earn a commission from those purchases. Is Young Living a Pyramid Scheme. Yes, it is a pyramid scheme. If recruiting stops today, what do you think will happen to the company. The company says that it is a ‘Multi Level Marketing’ plan. The US Government’s Federal Trade Commission has information about pyramid schemes to help. “Some schemes may purport to sell a product, but they often simply …. Considering above facts, Young Living is not a pyramid scheme. First, it is a legit business selling legit products. Also, this company generates its revenue through efforts to sell products to their consumers. Is Young Living a pyramid scheme. It goes on to allege that “Young Living operates an illegal pyramid scheme created under the guise of selling essential oils for quasi-medicinal purposes. In truth, Young Living is nothing more than a cult-like organization falsely peddling the ever-elusive promise of financial success and an alternative lifestyle.”. Retail is completely for people who don’t want to distribute and just want product. They pay the most in cost and you rarely see these people. Young Living, just like any other MLM, technically operates as a pyramid scheme. If you work as a distributor, you start out at the bottom of the pyramid. Young Living is a MLM and this type of money making system is very closely linked to pyramid schemes. There are obvious reasons why an MLM program is being likened to a pyramid scheme and I will be discussing theme below. A pyramid scheme is a program that is focused only …. From all I have heard about Young Living, I can’t say I’m surprised. While I’m a big fan of essential oils, I don’t like the high prices, predatory marketing, and completely false medical claims that I’ve seen coming out of Young Living. However, I did find some red flags that could link Young Living to how a pyramid scheme operates. Then why would anyone consider it a scam. As a MLM company, Young Living is setup so the people at the top make a lot of money and those at the bottom lose money. However, it does exhibit many qualities that pyramid schemes disguised as MLMs do. First off, their compensation plan is so complicated that their recruitment video is almost 40 minutes long. In my opinion, Young Living Essential Oils is a legitimate business opportunity. Therefore, the Young Living distributors get the portion of the money that typically gets split up between the middlemen. Young Living has been in business since 1992, if it were a pyramid scheme they would have been shut down a long time ago. I did a Young Living Review about a year ago. Most huns never make it past the bottom level of their pyramid. Why Young Living Essential Oils Are Just Another Name For The Same Old Scheme. Young Living is a Network Marketing company whereby the middleman is cut out. Some people may be turned off by direct sales companies, or MLMs. I find that people who have issues with direct. Well, it is a MLM with all the PROS (if there can be any) and CONS inherent in this type of business which many people view as a glorified pyramid scheme. Young Living founder Gary Young was onto the power of essential oils decades before they became everyone’s favorite natural remedy, home cleaning base, and fragrance substitute. The main characteristic of a pyramid scheme is that participants only make money by recruiting more members. There are many different kinds of pyramid schemes, but the two most basic are product-based and so-called naked pyramid schemes. In a naked pyramid scheme, no product is sold.

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