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From there, the reasons continue to grow — from earning extra income, to the flexibility of working when and where they …. These figures do not include expenses. Consultants earn 20 percent on the first 1,000 points in Personal Retail Volume (PRV) and 25 percent on PRV after that, plus up to a 9 percent bonus on Personal Wholesale Volume based on rank and a 5 percent bonus when sales exceed 2,000 points in PRV in any given month. If one Consultant advertises deep discounts, that creates pressure on other Consultants to do the same, driving profits and business potential down for everyone. Also, can someone share how much they make per month selling these products. The Scentsy Starter Kit Scentsy is a fabulous opportunity, and your Scentsy Starter. So, Consultants who do not meet the current minimum requirement of 150 PRV in January or February will need at least 200 PRV in March to maintain their Scentsy accounts. Scentsy do ask for all consultants who join Scentsy to simply keep their account active and in good standing, this is simply by placing at least one order of 200 PRV (personal retail volume points – outlined in your consultant guide in your Scentsy started kit) This works out at approx £265 for a minimum order in a 4 month period to keep your account active to stay as a consultant. The company compensates you with a 20% commission for your Personal Retail Volume (PRV) of up to $999.99. Definitions Team. • The amount paid out to a consultant for a retail sale represented as a percentage of the retail price Royalty. Consultants also get a free online Workstation for organizing and running your Scentsy business, free credit card processing, no credit card fees, free shipping on orders over $200 (however, this doesn’t include Alaska, Hawaii, Guam or Puerto Rico), and best of all Scentsy handles all inventory management.

You can make anywhere from a few hundred dollars a year up to six figures a year selling Scentsy warmers, bars and other Scentsy products. However.the amount you make depends on the following factors: Your personal level of commitment to the business. How …. As a reminder, Consultants must be Active in at least one month during a rolling three-month period in order to avoid cancellation. And probably know the difference between MLM’s and direct-sales before commenting. I fought them tooth and nail and after taking to the highest up person I could possible get on the phone, they told me yes THEY were wrong and I was RIGHT, but they still wouldn’t do anything about it. Scentsy consultants earn 20-30% of their sales. They are ready to encourage and inspire you along the way — and show you all the possibilities of a new Scentsy. We are also top Recruiters (in the top 20 of all Scentsy Consultants – over 160,000) with Scentsy Family which is where you really grow your business and make money. The Scentsy consultant opportunity is open to both male and females 18 plus years of age. Scentsational Start is the best way to launch your Scentsy Consultant business & earn FREE product. You get paid on every order and if you decide t0 grow this into something more.. Hazel Wade Lead Scentsy Consultant. Consultants can purchase the new catalogs and scent samples in February and August when the new and discontinued products are announced. Q. Can I have my own Scentsy web site? A. Yes. …. Scentsy Scentsational Start explained & why earn it. This means that in 2015 99.45% of Scentsy consultants were not able to earn a full time income. Orville and Heidi believe their most important responsibility is to make sure you get paid well for the time you spend on your Scentsy business. Scentsy provide consultants with a qualification period to achieve these incentives over so many months, each incentive is different, fab and rewarding including all-expenses-paid trips to holiday destinations such as …. To the rest of the posters, answer her question. I am looking at beocming a scentsy consultant but don't understand the pay/benefits. Joanne is an amazing sponsor, she has been there very step of my journey, supporting me when I need it which has helped me tremendously to get to where I am today. Do you only get discounts and free products or do you actually receive a check.

After shipping it’s around $120 and then you. To keep your downline and team you will need to purchase about 150 PRV in at least one month in a consecutive three-month period. So I had a few bad months and they stripped away whole team and wrongly took my title as well. We have the Shooting Star incentive that is offered in your first 15 days as a consultant and the Scentsational Start incentive that is for your first 70 days as a consultant. Running your Scentsy business will cost you time and money. If we were to include these costs, we’d find that the majority of Scentsy consultants lost money in 2015. Scentsy Consultant Incentives – Earn with Scentsy. AdJoin Scentsy and Start your own Successful Candle Business Today. Award Winning · Amazing Destinations · Team Building · Fastest Growing Companies. All sellers start out as “Escential Consultants,” and once they reach 1,000 points (or, $1,000 in sales), they will be promoted to “Certified Consultants.”. I’ve never come across a consultant, who is no longer with Scentsy, who thinks it’s a scam, pyramid scheme, a waste of money, etc. Scentsy Independent Consultant (Current Employee) – Lincoln, NE – June 28, 2018. As long as you have bi monthly parties and keep in contact with your clients, you will have a good start. A. Scentsy catalogs update twice a year in March and September. A: Every Scentsy Consultant gets a free website for 3 full months ($10/month after that), a free online Workstation to organize and run their business, no inventory to manage, no credit card fees, and free shipping on orders over $200 (discounted shipping outside the contiguous U.S.). AdJoin Scentsy today and start your own business in time for Christmas. Congratulations, you are now a Certified Consultant and with that promotion you also get a PAY RAISE! Most Scentsy Consultants join because they love the products; they stay because they fall in love with the community. How do I make money with Scentsy August 23, 2014 / 1 Comment I started selling Scentsy in September of 2008 and joined because I wanted to be able to buy the products without having to …. Also, how do you amrket outside of your friends. Being a Scentsy Consultant means being part of a bigger community — one with plenty of friendship, fun and support. Your Sponsor can help you set up your business and understands Scentsy products, training and business tools. To get started simply sign up, select your kit, enjoy the rewards and earn. As soon a you become a Consultant you have access to your workstation. Most kind and honest person you will ever meet. In addition to the awesome start you have and the glorious. Scentsy $200.00 Policy Change March 2017. When a Scentsy Consultant places an order, they pay the full price shown in the catalog for the products they are ordering. Scentsy Consultants then earn a minimum commission of 20% on all orders placed (commission can range from 20% up to 30%+ depending on rank with the company and monthly sales). All Scentsy Consultants get a FREE website for 3 months. Afterward, it is only $10 per month. The last day of the month is the last day to qualify to be paid at your rank, so if you are a Scentsy Family Consultant, look at the Performance tab in your Scentsy workstation and see if you are close. If not, you have until until midnight, Pacific Standard Time tonight to get it where it needs to be. Certified Consultant • Do $1000 in cumulative PRSV as an Escential Consultant. See the Truth in My Scentsy Review! This price includes support from the Scentsy team as well as everything that is. Proven Formula · Success Stories · Passive Income · Positive Reviews.

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